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Well hey! I'm, your history BFF and tour guide to the past! So glad you're here!


World history, women's history, and weird history is what we love and do here! Epeiosdes come out everyother week!

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Such a good podcast for history lovers!

Great podcast, the episodes are so interesting and informative! TK has such a nice voice and the length of the episodes makes it just perfect for bus rides and walks. History lovers this one is for you!

joskii32 from Ireland (8/29/2021)


Such a fun podcast!

Such a fun podcast!

I love this podcast! TK is so much fun to listen to while giving a wonderful overview of each topic. And being a history nerd interested in multiple eras in history, the fact that this podcast isn’t just focused on one aspect of history is a plus to me!

summer_seaheart from the United States (8/24/2021)


Absolutely brilliant!

This podcast is amazing!!! It’s fun, entertaining and interesting all at the same time!! You’ll never want to miss an episode!

Jammy History! from the United Kingdom (7/27/2021)


History at its finest

TK’s story telling - yes, it is so entertaining the history is like a story - is top notch. She has great delivery of the topic and makes each episode a delight to listen to. One of my favorite podcasts and I’m so glad I came across it when I did. If you love history, or just the absurd, listen to this podcast. You won’t be disappointed.

ewilen from the United States (7/4/2021)


Love History Podcasts with Listenable Voices

Her voice is 👏🏼, and the new topics are 👌🏼.

SierraBre from the United States (5/17/2021)


My favorite history podcast

This show is my favorite, the topics range (which keeps me interested) and the host has the best personality. She’s a fantastic storyteller, and gives such a great overview of the topic covered. I haven’t heard an episode that I didn’t like.
Karlie in Boise from the United States (2/12/2021)